Le Camarde company has goals of excellence for its products, but for us reaching high levels of quality means not just caring about every steps of processing, but also respecting the environment and the people’s health.

Big passion for our work and love for our territory…

A strong passion and commitment to our work lead us to have the maximum care for each single detail.

…to achieve quality over the standard

The law states the extra virgin olive oil should have a maximum level of acidity equal to 0,80%. Our oil, cold pressed, has an average acidy from 0,08 to 0,3, it means 10 times less than the law standard. We are able to achieve this result thanks to a meticulous respect of all phases: harvest, transportation and processing.

…by a eco-friendly farming method

– We recovered some abandoned olive groves

– We use manual harvest in order not to damage olives and trees

– We do not use intensive farming (trees are far from each others in order to guarantee them a better life quality and better products)

…to provide products that guarantee the healthcare

– Our area is uncontaminated and pollution-free

– Our area is located in a protected territory, a Site of Community Importance (or SCI, as defined in the European Commission Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC)

– The climate is favourable and the terrain composition guarantees the production of high quality products

– We do not use chemical fertilizers according to organic farming and currently we are completing the iter for organic labeling


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, king of mediterranean diet, has been declared Unesco Human Heritage, representing a precious food against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Give your baby only the best products, only very selected food to protect their health.

We have showed you pictures of production areas, we have talked about manufacturing techniques of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and about its peculiarities. If you want to discover and appreciate the aroma and flavor, you just need to try it!

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